Supramar Logistics

Supramar Logistica (Artiplan S.A.) is a distribution company, professional haulier for general cargo and containers with own fleet of vehicles, covering the entire national territory of Uruguay.

As a young company, since 2006 we are constantly in pursuit of growth, with constant training and a high degree of motivation.

Our staff is in the pro-active exercise daily logistics delivering customized and adapted to the needs of our customers.

We are a service company oriented to the transportation of containers and inland cargoes with commitment for quality and reliability.

For all this, whatever be the model, year or specificity of our units, which all of them have in common is the experience of a group of people who know what it is to drive a truck and even more what is handling a cargo transportation company.

We can mention among other goods, that we move the following: Several of the generals ones called dry type on pallets, in boxes or loose packages Several containers 40 'and 20', HC and with special measures (In flat container frames) Food and drinks (in insolated closed boxcars) Hazardous chemicals as solvents, dangerous goods, etc. Machinery and equipment including the major ones (on flat frames)

What we offer?

Our road haulage services, logistics and distribution cargo suit your business.

Operational capacity

We make it possible.

We conduct our operations with our own equipment and also with loyal third-party ones. We are flexible on schedules and with the types of cargoes.

Staff is highly qualified

Our staff is highly qualified for safely transport your goods. We participate in the supply chain as national inland freight operator. We intend to meet the logistics needs through excellence service because we are a highly competitive and innovative organization in the road haulage and logistics solutions.

Loading capacity

We transported in trailers, trucks and vans, from a small package of less than 1 kg. and / or 1 cbm, up to 30 ton. and / or 66 cbm.

Mechanical safety in vehicles

From the first to the last unit of our fleet, are acquired, well maintains and protects that all on them be agile, modern and fundamentally safe.

Maintenance plan preventive

We perform a maintenance plan preventive in specialized workshops, thanks to what units are in perfect condition, even working in the most demanding conditions.

Cargo Control

An important part of the resources generated are reinvested year after year, to implement best and most modern transportation equipment, thus acquiring the same cutting-edge technology that allows us to deliver a safe, efficient and competitive service.

Vehicles with GPS

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS (Satellite Positioning System) giving us optimal management. Fleet and allows us to provide accurate information to our customers, in order to make your procurement process distribution and a less complex process.

Satellite Monitoring

For each type of cargo, our units are satelitely monitored by our Operations Department and equipped care of them during the move, whatever their diversity.

Connected with our customers.

Our goal is to provide a personalized quality service, providing the comfort of knowing that your goods traveling in vehicles properly equipped and with trained personnel. As well as conservation in the quality of the products and cargo quantity.

Transit time and delivery

We ensure compliance with the best transit time and delivery door to door, we maintain a direct communication facilitating coordination and control over the status of the transported goods.

Free Advice

We formed a team of professionals offering continuous free advice and to all of our customers, adding value in the daily contact of our business relationships.


We work with high modernization policies, either, of vehicles (fleet) and equipment as they are services that complement our work.

Punctuality and speed for your cargo.

We are precise, we are governed by schedules, and our units have modern GPS equipment which allows us to have continuous information about the location of our units. This information is transferred and put into knowledge of each client when be requested by them.


All our vehicles have transport insurance and cargo insurance for the merchandise we move. We have a floating insurance policy that supports all of our operations. Our responsibility at the time of transportation is also based on the technical knowledge of regulations and legislation.

Contingency response.

Permanent monitoring during execution of the service entrusted. Ability to quickly and effectively reaction to unexpected contingencies. Our customers prefer us because we always provide solutions.

“Global Positioning System” (GPS)

Through the "Global Positioning System" (GPS) technology, we can control in real time, the overall position of vehicles on streets and roads. Your goods will be under control at any time, they offer added value to your transport as well they maintain your operations synchronized.

Our Fleet

General cargo transportation: as coils, profiles, metal structures, plates, pallets, drums, big bags, crates, boxes, etc. Container transportation: Open-Top, Flat Racks (20 'and 40') Standards, (40 'and 40' HC) NOR (40 ') High Cube, etc. Fully equipped units available for transportation: Tractors with semitrailers (5-axis), Insulated box trucks, Light trucks and Vans.

"We are dedicated to inland freight and distribution."

Quality ISO 9001:2015

Company certified under the standard ISO 9001: 2015

We provide an on-time and secure service.

We offer a personalized monitoring cargo, offering to each customer a continuous information from departure to arrival of the units.

We have equipment to transport different types of cargoes, and do not risk your product with rustic inventions, we are professional in what we do.

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