Among the long list of measures adopted to this end include the following:
  • Establish the regime of customs exclave to the regional distribution of goods, using the same criteria as major hubs (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.).
  • Allow foreign users retain ownership of the goods using the warehouse in Uruguay as if it were an extension of their warehouse.
  • Exempt from taxes on goods of foreign companies operating from abroad but with stocks stored in Uruguay.
  • Allow self-assignment (or change) shipping destination.
  • Allow all types of transactions with the goods, provided they do not involve a change in nature (subdivisions, selection, mixing, packaging, marking, etc.. Can be made freely)
  • Allow free movement (buy / sell / transfer) of goods, without requiring formal procedures or approval of any kind.
  • No set time limits on retention of goods in Port.
  • All operational in Port should be carried out by private operators in a framework of strict security

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