Why to choose Uruguay?

Why should you choose Uruguay as a logistic enclave?

Uruguay enjoys an economic stability that is recognised and renowned worldwide and the applicability of Uruguayan laws represents a guarantee to investors, by virtue of a strong compliance with them. In addition, Uruguay counts on high levels of economic freedom and offers the perfect environment to coordinate logistic operations that are aimed at Latin America (it has one of the most dynamic and growing economies in the world).

The latter together with its political, legal and social stability, standing on the principles of popular sovereignty, separation of powers, multi-party system and free, regular and transparent elections, make Uruguay the best option to set up companies with a long-term view under the Free Zone Regime.

Uruguay has counted on a high educational and cultural level with an cosmopolitan outlook throughout its history, being its skilled workforce particularly renowned.

Ubicación de Uruguay


Closeness and lack of barriers make all types of communication within our territory and with neighbouring countries easier. Uruguay has a wide coastline by the River Plate´s estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.


The Republica Oriental del Uruguay stands out in South America due to its excellent location (between Argentina and Brazil) and its territorial waters that enable inland waterway and sea freight as well as making land and air freight to any country in the continent easier.

Port of Montevideo

The port of Montevideo represents the gate to South-America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, etc). It is the deepest natural port in the River Plate, what allows deep-draft vessel mooring. Its remarkable efficiency enables to achieve the best loading and discharging times, as well as competitive costs. Being equidistant from consumer markets, it aims to position as the main logistic hub for international clients.

Uruguay Indicators