Supramar Free Zone Services

Supramar Free Zone offers Free Zone admission services, storage in top-notch warehouses, product customization to target markets, outgoing order fulfillment and regional distribution logistics to local and international clients.

Los clientes se ven totalmente beneficiados en una mejora de la eficiencia de los servicios logísticos en América del Sur y entrega de la mercadería en tiempo y forma a cualquier país.

In the Free Zone, especially in Supramar Free Zone, clients get stock flexibility (in transit – off duty) and the chance to customise their products which enables to decrease stocks of goods that are nationalized in neighbouring countries. As they are stored in transit, risks associated to having nationalized stocks in the countries where the goods are commercialized decrease.

Besides the ones mentioned above, Supramar Free Zone offers the following services:

  • Shipment follow-up (incoming / outgoing)
  • Coordination with freight forwarders (sea, air and /or land)
  • Containers reception at Port of Montevideo
  • Freight pick-up at Port of Montevideo
  • Transportation (owned fleet) from the port / airport to FZ Supramar warehouses
  • Freight control (incoming/stock/outgoing) and data entry to information systems
  • Free Zone tailor-made storage (general cargo, pharmaceuticals, chemical products)
  • Break bulk/Project cargo handling
  • Container/Project cargo/ Vehicle /Machinery Yard
  • Inventory management (interface with client systems)
  • Pick & Pack order fulfillment
  • Packaging/wrapping/re-packaging/unwrapping/Rebottling
  • Kitting / Bundling
  • Labelling/ label removal/package inserts
  • Repairs/Maintenance/Cable and switch replacement
  • Expiration date control
  • Regional distribution coordination and advisory
  • Local transportation and distribution
  • International freight coordination
  • Custom brokerage service coordination (foreign clients only)
  • K.P.I.
  • Non-listed service – Consult

Uruguayan Health Ministry authorization for:

  • Raw materials and supplies used in medicine manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and veterinary products
  • Medical and dental devices