Free Zone Regime

Ideal legal framework to operate from Uruguay

Supramar Free Zone operates under a legal framework (Law 15921) that is suited to assure and encourage regional distribution logistic operations from Free Zones. As a matter of fact, the Uruguayan State also offers the highest legal guarantees (security and transparency) and protects companies that are interested in investing and making their operations grow.

The Free Zone law became effective at the beginning of the XX century in Uruguay, and it has only incorporated changes in order to extend existing benefits and give greater benefits and legal backing to its users.

Uruguay is a reliable country when it comes to doing business, known for meeting its obligations, having clear rules and controlling compliance with legal norms.

The law regulating this regime enables to assure and make operations easier to companies, by using Uruguay as an international business platform. It is ready to carry out all types of activities, being logistic and service the ones that prevail.

Free Zone Regime´s main advantages

Legal security and Uruguayan State guarantees; holding itself accountable for any damages.

Full custom duties exemption to goods stored in the Free Zone (stored in transit)

Exemption of any local tax (created or future) for Free Zone users (corporate income, equity, VAT, etc).

No taxes or retentions imposed on dividends paid to indirect users´ shareholders.

Goods can be stored in the Zona Franca del Uruguay for an unlimited time.

It is possible to add value to products; labelling, repackaging and kitting, assembly, etc.

It is possible to operate under the foreign company and/or under the Free Zone User scheme.

Besides the ones above, Uruguay offers further advantages. For example; there is no need to settle the costs of operations carried out in Uruguay; operating companies can pay their goods providers in origin or third countries. But in case they wish to settle their payments in Uruguay, the country offers a fully open economy and free currency exchange.