Free Zones in Uruguay

Why should you choose Free Zones in Uruguay?

Due to their location and their legal regime´s great stability and transparency, Uruguay Free Zones offer the possibility of setting your regional logistic operation in a country offering outstanding peace and safety both for humans and goods.

here are private-run and state-run authorised Free Zones in Uruguay. The private ones are managed by individuals that have received the government´s authorization, who administrates state-run Free Zones and supervises and controls the entire system, by means of the Dirección General de Comercio – Area Zonas Francas (Department of Trade – Free Zones Division).

Supramar Free Zone is located in Canelones – Uruguay (really close to Carrasco International Airport and the port of Montevideo), inside the Parque de las Ciencias (a private Free Zone) that has made a strong investment in terms of infrastructure and offers great advantages to its users.

It counts on a high level of safety, environmental and landscaping development, what make it an ideal place to work just a few minutes away from the city of Montevideo.

You benefit from

  • Legal safety and guarantees from the Uruguayan State.
  • Free Zone Regime proven stability and transparency.
  • Full tax exemption to stored goods and established companies.
  • Very easy access to operations for regional countries.